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The center of the Meeting is in a camp site called Park camping and is located at Agárd (Gárdony)directly at the side of Lake Velencei (map). You can enter the meeting at 500 meters to West from the reception of the camp site. Some parts of the event will be at different loactions at a few km's from the camp site.
The meeting fee contains the beach usage.


The program is not final yet!


From 10.00: Registration in the camp site
14.00-19.00: Chance to buy and sell spare parts (if you are interested in selling please let us know)
18.00-19.00: Common dinner in the camp site
20.00: Official opening of the meeting
20.10-tõl: Karaoke-party


07.00-12.00: Registration in the camp site
08.00-09.00: Start of orientation competition
14.00: End of orientation competition / move to the finish of the competition
15.00-18.00: Games at the finish of the competition
18.00-19.00: Beauty contest
19.00-20.00: Procession with police escort (back to the camp site)
21.00: Announcement of results
21.30-tól: Common dinner, party


09.00-09.30: Moving to the location of races
10.00-14.00: Car-related competitions
14.30-15.00: Announcement of results


Meeting fee

  • 3.000 HUF (~11 EUR) per car
The meeting fee includes the participation of all programs and competitions, the meeting plate and gifts.

For offtopic cars the parking fee for the whole weekend:
  • 2.000 HUF (~7 EUR) per car

Accomodation fee

Accomodation in building
  • 3.000 HUF (~11 EUR) per person per night for adults 
  • 2.700 HUF (~10 EUR) per person per night under 18 years or above 70 years
The building has 3-bed rooms. We have limited space available so it have to be reserved as soon as possible. For reservation please contact us.

Accomodation in tent
  • 2.000 HUF (~7 EUR) per person per night 
  • 1.700 HUF (~6 EUR) per person per night under 18 years or above 70 years
  • 1.000 HUF (~4 EUR) per person per night under 14 years 
  • free under 6 years
The tent fee contains the tent and car place.
If you would like to sleep in tent you don't have to reserve.

Other informations

The above prices contain the torism tax where it's applicable.

If you would like to come earlier than Friday you can sleep only in tent as there are no free space in buildings.
If you come earlier please let us know and we'll arrange a place for you with the camp site management.


As usual, we'll make common dinner in the camp site on Friday and on Saturday.
You can buy tickets for the dinner before 16.00.
The dinner will cost approximately 500 HUF (~2 EUR).

If you know an approximated amount of interested people in participation of the event from your branch please let us know in order to make enough from every stuff in English.
The above EUR prices are just estimations based on actual EUR/HUF rate. We can accept EUR only at the daily buy rate what is low and we can give the change only in HUF. Some of shops and pubs, restaurants accept EUR too but at really low rate. So you'd better pay by HUF.

For more details and any information please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call us at +36209864010 (Hungarian and English).





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