- 2022. Szeptember 29. Csütörtök, Mihály napja van.



The center of the Meeting is in a camp site directly at the side of Lake Velencei (map), the meeting fee contains the beach usage.
The events on Saturday and Sunday will be at different locations (5-10 km from the camp site)


from 10.00: Registration in the camp site
14.00-20.00: Chance to buy and sell spare parts
16.00-20.00: Sport games
20.00: Official opening of the meeting
20.30: Common dinner in the camp site

from 07.00: Registration in the camp site
from 09.00: Start of orientation competition
14.00: End of orientation competition / move to the finish of the competition
15.00-19.00: Games at the finish of the competition
18.00-19.00: Beauty contest
19.00-20.00: Procession (back to the camp site)
21.00: Announcement of results
21.30: Common dinner
23.00: Tombola


10.00-14.00: Car-related competitions
14.30-15.00: Announcement of results


Registration fee:

2.500 HUF (~10,5 EUR) per car
For offtopic cars the parking fee for the weekend is 2.000 HUF (~8,3 EUR).

Accomodation fee:

Tent fee is 1.200 HUF (~5 EUR) per person per night. Reservation is not needed.
Wooden house (low cost rooms with 3-4 bed) fee is 2.200 HUF (~9,2 EUR) per person per night but must be reserved as soon as possible because we don't have too much free spaces right now.
Toursim tax is 300 HUF (~1,25 EUR) per person per night.

If you would like to come earlier than Friday please let us know because the camp site is completely ours for that weekend therefore reservations can be made only by us.
If you know an approximated amount of interested people from your branch please tell us because if there'll be a significant amount of foreigners we prepare everything in English or in other languages too.

For more details please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or by phone at +36209864010.

Note: the EUR prices are just estimations. We can accept EUR at best only at the daily buy price what is really low and we won't have change - so you'd better pay by HUF.





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